3 in 1 Ultimate Spiralizer TF1119S-3

The Fullstar 3- blade spiralizer is easier and safer to use,clean and store. The Spiralizer includes 3 ultra sharp

Japanese 420-grade hardened stainless steel blades for wide variety of results.

The spiralizer allows you to make noodles,curls,and ribbons out of vegetables, the Spiralizer is great for making

Curly fries, Gourmet Salads, Vegetable pastas,noodles & spaghetti,Vegetable pizza toppings, Apple chips, garnishes, Onion rings, coleslaw and Soups.


Use of Ultimate 3-blade:

Flat blade: Use the flat blade to make wide ribbons

Fine shredding(3mm blade): Use the 3mm blade to make spaghetti size strands

Coarse shredding(5mm blade): Use the 5mm blade to make fettuccini size strands




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