Cut Meal Prep Time in Half!

Frustrated with flimsy mandolin slicers and dull blades that can cut your fingers? A dull blade is more dangerous in the kitchen than a sharp one — it requires more force, which causes slippage and can lead to painful mistakes. Equipped with a sharp, stainless steel blade, the foldable mandolin slicer glides easily through even the toughest vegetables with minimal effort.This professional slicer’s comfort grip hand protector and nonslip slicing stabilizer ensure smooth and safe slicing, so meal prep is stress-free. While other vegetable cutters require switching out blades to change the slicing setting, taking extra time and putting your fingers at risk, the sleek, economical design of our handheld mandolin slicer features a single stainless-steel blade that offers multiple settings — no need to juggle multiple blades and accessories. Simply choose your setting and slice away! With its convenient folding handle and sturdy and compact construction, this slicer/dicer was built to take up minimal space. While chopping vegetables with a knife can be tedious, this vegetable slicer makes it a breeze.Speed less time preparing your dinner and more time enjoying the meal.


• Durable,top-notch stainless steel blade
• Comfort-grip hand protector
• One blade with multiple settings: thick or thin julienne and thick or thin straight cut
• Folds down to a 14.5” x 5.5” rectangle for easy storage
• Uniformly slices vegetables every time