Versatile Vegetanle Slicing Made Easy! This versatile set includes: adjustable mandolin slicer, detachable food container, three stainless steel blades, and one set of spiral slicers. The thumb dial makes it easy to change settings to control the thickness. Extra container frame supports and stabilizes the mandolin base.
This tool allows you to create healthy veggies and cheese in minutes.


• Ideal for cutting, grating, julienne slicing and spiral slicing
• Three interchangeable stainless-steel blades included
• Thumb dial to control slice thickness
• Three settings for standard slicing and three settings for julienne slicing
• One set of spiral slicers with spiked grip and transparent cylinder
• Non-skid base keeps mandolin in place while working on flat surface
• One frame with detachable 1.5L food collecting container included
•Top-rack dishwasher safe